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I Highly Recommend Craniosacral Therapy

For the past several months, I have been receiving craniosacral sessions with Angie and notice many signiciant changes in my body. I feel refreshed, relief from tension and positive after my sessions at Immerse Wellness. My therapy plan is met with tranquility and integrity as Angie takes time to discuss my current symptoms. Her hands on approach allows her to create a plan that works for my body. I find that the light intentional touch is powerful. I highly recommend craniosacral therapy as the benefits are immediate and long lasting
- Kristin Troop

The Benefits of Craniosacral Massage Are Significant

My CranioSacral experience was much different compared to the deep tissue technique; however, I found the benefits to be significant. The application of this technique allowed my body to enter a state of trance to the point I was able to experience a high degree of relaxation. It was as if Angie was the locksmith allowing my body to enter into a healing, self-correcting state. I was able to appreciate this sensation in the moment and for several days following the appointment. I highly endorse anyone, whether new or quite experienced with deep tissue work, to experience this type of session.
- Clay R

Angie is a Godsend

Angie has been my massage therapist for the last 9 - 10 years. I meet with her on a monthly basis for a therapeutic massage. She is a godsend. Her knowledge of anatomy is thorough and she is insightful when diagnosing various pulls and strains in my body as she works to loosen/correct them. I have a better understanding of how my body works and compensates for various injuries as the direct result of meeting with her. My typical areas of work are hip flexors and shoulders, especially my left shoulder which has been compromised for many years as the result of injury including multiple dislocations. She has applied cupping more recently which really helps heal the strain put on that shoulder as the result of exercise. She possesses all the right characteristics which a massage therapist should have- knowledgeable, thorough, insightful, committed to continued training and personable.
- C. Rundell

I am a Runner and Use Massage as Part of My Training

I have been seeing Angie for massage for about two years pretty consistently. I am a runner and use massage as part of my training. She is very good at working all body and specific areas of need. I have had multiple areas of injury over the years and feel those are addressed with Angie in unisons with my Chiro adjustments. Angie also has used Cupping and love that she continues to expand her education.
- Laura S.

I Am Very Thankful for What Angie Has Done to Help Me

I had my first ever cupping experience with Angie and this is something I plan to use when I need pain relief again. I was experiencing a lot of right upper back and neck pain for about a month. The pain was to the point that I could not handle daily chores without pain. Angie is very knowledgeable when it came to my million questions and a great listener. Angie is very personal as she likes to get to know her clients Cupping is a different experience and I was nervous it would hurt, he cupping part did not bother me one bit. After our first session, I felt instant relief and less tension in my upper back and neck. After the second session, all the pain I was experiencing on my right upper back and neck were gone. I am very thankful for what Angie has done to help me without the use of medications.
- A. Mulcavage

Angie Delivers Results Anyone can Greatly Benefit From

I have been a patient of Angie for over three years and I am continually amazed at her ability to identify areas of distress and alleviate pain. She takes great pride in her craft and her multi-discipline approach allows her to address patient needs from several different angles. I use massage therapy regularly as part of my overall approach to well being and Angie's abilities have been unmatched. In addition to being an attentive and effective therapist she is kind and easy to talk to... Angie delivers results anyone can greatly benefit from.
- S. Mathew

I Recommend Angie to Anyone

Angie provided massage therapy for me long-term in 2016-17. I was struggling with lingering pain from a joint injury, and her ongoing work and expertise helped in my healing process, and helped the pain level become decreased to manageable. Her professionalism is on point, her mood and therapeutic environment is calm and welcoming, and I recommend her work to anyone!
- J. Brown
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