Juanita King

Juanita King

Certified Health Coach

Juanita is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Institute of Functional Health Coaching and is currently enrolled in a three year program at the School of Applied Functional Medicine to achieve her AFMC. She has also completed an advanced course through IIN on hormone health. However, this is not the beginning of her story.

Juanita and her husband, Sam, live on a farmette in Lancaster, PA, with their six children. With five sons and one daughter, life is constantly filled with action and surprises!

As a child, Juanita would tell her mom that she wished she’d be a cat so she could live nine lives and do something different in each life. She loved life! She had so many dreams and ideas! BUT…

She never dreamt that she would:

  • experience the instant death of her husband when she had 3 little children
  • marry her friend’s husband (after her friend’s death and battle of cancer) and take her two little boys as her own
  • have two stillborn sons buried on either side of her husband

She had (and has!!) an amazing marriage and incredible support, but then, there was fatigue. Never-ending, emotionally-draining, foggy-brained fatigue that led to irritability and even bursts of anger. She wondered how she had become like this. She used to love being a mom. She always wanted a home full of children, but now they drove her crazy.

The summer that the family of eight moved to a small farm was the same time that Juanita knew she needed to take intentional steps to improving her health. Being introduced to Young Living Essential Oils was the beginning of her journey towards health. As she learned more about hormones, she loved the challenge of simplifying the complexity of the endocrine system. She began teaching hormone balancing classes and realized that many women could relate to her story of vulnerability, feelings of mommy-guilt, wacky emotions and fatigue.

Her passion to help other women led her to study at IIN and then pursue her dream of starting a wellness center to be able to impact even more lives and help others through her genuine passion and love for each individual. Her mission is to truly believe in each person she has contact with, meeting them where they are with no judgement, helping them to believe in themselves, and empowering them with tools to achieve improved health for themselves!!

Other random facts about me:

  • I lived in Central America as a teenager for 4 years.
  • Hobbies are reading and spending time with my family on camping and ATV trips.
  • I lived in Kenya, Africa, for 2 years serving in missions.
  • Our family took a 6 week trip to the west coast when my 6th child was 4 months old.
  • Have I mentioned that I LOVE to travel?!
  • I am living proof that even though life throws you curveballs, Life is Good! God is Good … He restores! and WE ARE BLESSED!

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