Anne Jamison

Health Coach

Anne is a local resident here in East Petersburg residing with her fiancé and two-year-old daughter. She is currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and will receive an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certificate in November of this year. She became interested in nutrition in 2006 as a student at Penn State University and has since made studying vitamins, minerals, different dietary theories and different health approaches her favorite pastime. She has joined Immerse to help people discover the root causes of their ailments, learn how to shop for and prepare food, and find their way to a path of better health.

Her nutritional journey truly began after taking prescription medicine for years from her late teens into mid-twenties for a hypothyroid issue. Anne decided to take the functional route, find the core trigger of the thyroid issues, and try a non-medicated approach to healing. Upon changing her diet and exercise routine, her thyroid issues disappeared completely. She is a firm believer that overall health starts with food and would love to share her knowledge with her community.

In addition to learning about how different foods impact overall health, Anne loves to cook for her family and friends and share recipes and helpful kitchen tips. She specializes in the Paleolithic Diet, Whole30, gluten and dairy free meals, and sneaky vegetable dishes. 

Are you new to cooking with fresh vegetables, fruit or protein, or need help eliminating food groups from your diet? Let Anne show you how to prepare whole foods for you and your family – babies included! She can also help clean out unhealthy items from your pantry, fridge, and freezer and replace them with wholesome, nutritious staples you can feel good about.

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