muscular therapy

We strive to approach every unique body with a combination of carefully honed techniques and skills that will help each individual reach his or her muscular balance goals. We are licensed massage therapists, but we brand our work as Muscular Therapy because we work directly with the muscular system to smooth out imbalances, coach the nervous system to release tension and teach our clients how to continue to care for their muscles at home for maximum benefits.

The specialized therapists at Immerse will listen to how you’re using your body and how your body feels, and then, they will apply a seamless combination of multiple techniques that will help you reach your goals for muscular balance.

Therefore, combinations of the following techniques may be applied during any session at Immerse. Please be open with your therapist on your preferences so they can best serve you.

chair massage
Your therapist may recommend receiving part of your muscular therapy session in the ergonomically designed upright massage chair depending on your specific needs on a given day. This is helpful for people who find it difficult to remain in a lying position for the duration of a session or if a therapist finds it easier to access specific muscles from the chair. This is up for discussion between you and your therapist. Chair massage must be received clothed.
cranialsacral massage

CranioSacral therapy is a light touch therapy that releases deep tension in the body to relieve areas of dysfunction and stagnation for overall vitality. It helps fascia to release and the body to return to its homeostasis. CranioSacral work is extremely relaxing and essentially self-healing. It is excellent for those struggling with chronic pain, imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, and for those seeking overall health and vitality through bodywork.

cupping therapy
Cupping therapy employs the use of suction with medical grade silicone or acrylic massage cups that are used as tools to increase blood flow between layers of tissue. Because of rapid blood flow to the area, there are often "cup kisses" that can last from 1-2 weeks for first time recipients. Receiving cupping regularly keeps the tissues open and minimizes cup kiss marks. Many clients find that their muscle tension stays away longer and their therapist can work deeper with less discomfort during the session making this an ideal addition to any session where a client is wanting to extend the benefits of their session longer. Because of the training and clean up necessary for this technique, it must be booked specifically as it is titled and there is an additional charge of $10.
deep tissue
Most clients believe deep tissue to just mean deeper pressure. However deep tissue massage is defined by Art Riggs, the author of Deep Tissue Massage, a visual guide to techniques, as "The understanding of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient way possible." At Immerse Deep Tissue techniques will be woven into your session to compliment other techniques used.
neuromuscular therapy
Commonly referred to as NMT or Trigger Point therapy, this technique's purpose is to relieve or deactivate tender points in muscle and related connective tissues. These points often develop as a result of posture, traumatic injury, repetitive motion, or overwork. Your therapist may address these trigger points using NMT throughout your session. This technique is very effective for helping anyone, from the client with postural frustrations from sitting at a desk to athletes of all ages.
pre-natal pregnancy massage
Massage can be very beneficial for relieving the extra demand carrying a child puts on a mother’s muscles! Increased blood flow and relaxation may help to soothe a tired back and tight shoulders. Many women report their babies dancing happily in their womb during a massage. Your therapist will have pillows and bolsters to help position you safely and comfortably so you can receive the self care you need during this sometimes very stressful life stage. For most women it is perfectly safe and joyous to receive massage during all stages of pregnancy. Feel free to check with your physician before booking your appointment if you have any concerns. There is no extra charge for prenatal massage at Immerse. Women at this time are particularly susceptible to the frustrations that come with hormonal imbalance, and we want you to have access to high quality stress management options like massage especially during this time. Check in with your therapist to see if there are special prenatal packages available at this time to make this therapy more accessible to you.
Reflexology techniques may be incorporated into your session in the form of facial, foot, or hand massage. The theory of reflexology is that points on your hands, feet and face, correlate with zones or areas of the body and applying pressure on those points can help increase circulation and promote healing in those specific zones or areas. Incorporation of these techniques is to the benefit of the recipient regardless of their knowledge or understanding of the therapy.
Your therapist will lull you into a state of calm with a just deep enough level of pressure, giving a focus to your facial muscles, hands and feet in addition to the larger muscle groups. High quality essential oils that are known to promote relaxation may be included in your session at no extra charge. You can expect to feel relaxed head to toe after your relaxation session at Immerse. There is no change in price for this session. Please let your therapist know if you'd like this technique today.
sports massage
Sports massage techniques can be applied within 24-48 hours before or after an athletic event to promote quick recovery, ideal nervous system response, and injury prevention and recovery. Your therapist may include some sports massage techniques in your session if you're actively training, preparing for, or recovering from an athletic endeavor.
swedish massage
Conversely, many clients believe that Swedish massage is simply a massage with lighter touch. This technique comes from the traditional western massage. In theory it is based on concepts of western anatomy, physiology, and pathology. It is applied to support the normal function of the human body and its systems as well as enhance its innate healing capacity. This definition is taken from Tappan's Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques by Patricia J. Benjamin and Frances M. Tappan.
thai massage
Thai massage is sometimes referred to as "lazy man's yoga" in Thailand because, to the recipient, it feels like someone is doing yoga TO THEM. The technique can be done on the table or on a mat on the floor. It is traditionally received fully clothed and includes a series of compressions, passive stretches, and tapotement or tapping-like movement on the back and legs. This is an amazingly versatile technique and can be very beneficial for those struggling with hamstring, back or hip discomforts.
therapeutic stretching

Therapeutic stretching is used by a practitioner to warm, stretch and elongate muscles. Not only does stretching support one's joints and muscles, but it also improves his/her emotional health by reducing stress levels in the body. A few benefits of stretching include increased range of motion and flexibility, improved circulation, improved posture, stress relief and pain relief.

Assisted stretching is a gentle technique that takes the joints and muscles through a range of motion for optimal movement. It helps to relax deep muscle fibers by holding a stretch for typically 60-90 seconds.

Therapeutic stretching can be used as a compliment to your massage session. Stretch sessions can be beneficial for athletes and for those seeking relaxation.

thermo and cryo therapies
Your therapist may include the use of heat or cold or a combination of both throughout your session to promote increased blood flow and or encourage a natural anti inflammation body reaction.
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