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Our space has been uniquely designed to serve our clients by giving them a respite of peace from the outside world. A place to breathe deeply, to connect authentically with other like-minded individuals and with the staff. We want you to feel surrounded by wellness, growth and positivity.

We named our business “Immerse” because we noticed that plants grow when their roots are immersed in water. At Immerse, water is symbolic of wellness. Being surrounded by positivity brings positive outcomes. Giving yourself the self-care you need will allow you to grow in your wellness journey.

We share an entrance with Dinse Dental. That main entrance area has two handicap accessible restrooms for your use. Feel free to arrive early for your session to use the restroom and enjoy our reception area and beverage station. You’ll notice right away that our space boasts an open floor concept that allows for yoga classes, educational workshops and cooking and food prep instruction.

The massage rooms at Immerse are uniquely designed with high ceilings and windows so that you won’t feel closed in from the powerful benefits of natural light. Your therapist will have ample space to facilitate stretching and demonstrate self-care through foam rolling in the privacy of the massage room.

We also have a room dedicated to meeting with coaches and advocates. You’ll have a private, quiet space to talk with your health coach, transformational leadership coach or self-care advocate without interruption.

Because of our open floor concept, we are able to accommodate multiple kinds of immersion wellness services to different people at one time. However, this also means that, for example, you may be arriving for a massage session when a yoga class is ending or be finishing your massage when a yoga class is starting. This is awesome because you’ll be able to schedule your massage so that you can also get a yoga class right after or before if you’d like!

Because of our unique layout, please know that all private sessions are by appointment only. Speak directly with your therapist or our immersion coordinator, Audrey, to manage any scheduling concerns.

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