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At Immerse we offer yoga as a compliment to our other wellness services, a way to facilitate the movement side of whole body health.

Yoga can be for anyone and everyone. It can be slow and melodic, settling one into a state of restful recovery, or it can be fast-paced and create feelings of power. At different times you may find your body, mind and heart needing different aspects of movement, and yoga can serve many of these needs.

At Immerse we hope to offer a space where you can experience yoga in a judgement-free zone with modifications both to make it more challenging or less so in order to meet your needs on any particular day. We want you to communicate openly with the teachers about your body's limitations so they can do their best to be attentive to your needs.

Visit our different classes and meet all of our instructors. We feel as though they each have something unique to offer you!

benefits of yoga

Yoga and Massage are a perfect combination of therapies. Stretching and pressure compliment each other and are well-received by the body to create strength, balance and flexibility. Optimal injury prevention comes in the form of muscles that are both flexible, strong and balanced.

If you're already receiving regular massage therapy, adding yoga into a weekly routine can be a powerful form of self-care that will easily pay for itself in injury prevention and quality of life.

private yoga session
If this is your first time experiencing yoga, though not at ALL necessary, you may choose to set up an individualized private yoga session with one of our instructors. Meet with one of our instructors for a private session in which you’ll be able to comfortably ask questions, explore poses, and participate in a sequence tailored to your body’s needs. $75 per 1 hour session See the online schedule for availability!
group yoga classes
For our higher peak class times, we do charge a set fee per person per class. You may pay online ahead of time, in person at the desk, or ask about one of our Immerse Wellness Packages which includes unlimited monthly yoga!
  • Group Yoga Class: $10 per person per class
  • One Month Unlimited Group Yoga Classes: $50 per month
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